Why Will The Event Happen & Who Is In Control?

God  YHWH is in absolute control. He will allow this to happen for His purposes and for His Word to be fulfilled although there are players on the scene who think they are “in control.” God said He created everything even the wicked for the day of destruction. The Kings of the earth will conspire and the heathen will rage but God in Heaven will LAUGH. Wow! (Ps 2) The kings/presidents who are conspiring right now and those who are aiding and abetting the devil AKA Lucifer will find them themselves on the wrong side of history, when it will be too late.


The Warrior Bride Of Christ

Firstly, I believe that God’s main purpose for allowing THE EVENT is to wake the Church up into a life of holiness, purity and fear of God. A triumphant force (Is 60:1-5) that will go through fire, matyrdom, persecution so as to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to ends of earth as a testimony to all the nations before the END comes. (Mt24:14) This is when the true sons of God will be revealed or made manifest. (Rm 8:19-23)
We groan, all creation is groaning because joy is withered away from the sons of men (Joel 1:12) because of sin and disobedience.

Increase in depression/suicide worldwide is not a coincidence. Even we Christians have to fight hard to maintain our joy. Drought, mass animal die offs, strange sounds, sink holes, UFOs, extreme weather, weird happenings are all part of the groaning, the birth pangs of harvest towards the revelation of the sons of God (wheat). And also towards the revelation of the tares – sons of the devil. (See Mt 13:24-30)

The greatest number of souls within the shortest time will be brought into the Kingdom of God! This extreme catastrophe will cause many of those in the “valley of decision”, those dithering to finally either accept Jesus as the Lord and Saviour or reject Him. This will be unprecedented times for the Church/Body of Christ!

In addition, many people or governments left alive will use it for what may seem to be “their” own purpose. The best time to “bury bad news” is when the public is distracted. During this time, I believe there will be many atrocities (targeted assassinations, murders, lootings etc) undertaken by nefarious people, most of them probably programmed/mind-controlled/demon possessed working for the Elite or shadow government. In their twisted minds, the population of the earth must be reduced to 500 million. Imagine from 7 billion to 500 million! (Check out the Georgia Guidestones, More on the Georgian Guidestones )

The cover of darkness and chaos will serve as an opportune time to carry out their agenda. Unfortunately many will be murdered. “Order Out of Chaos”  the motto of 33rd Degree freemasonry will be at play here. For them there has to be chaos before the NWO can arise. If you understand this paradigm you will understand most of what is going on this world now.

Another reason The Event must happen is in order for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled where the Antichrist to be revealed as the Bible says in 2Thess 2:1-3. Think about it.  Although the masses are being prepped, for most people the catalyst that would cause them to accept the Antichrist will have to be dramatic. Literally people must be brought to their knees and in needing of a “Saviour.”

When people haven’t got food nor water, most will do almost anything to secure those. Needless to say few days or weeks after the collapse when things have reached fever pitch and people are literally desperate – who but the antichrist comes along to offer “hope” albeit a false one.  I don’t know how long it will take between the time of the collapse and the time for the Antichrist to show up.

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