What Will Trigger The Event?

As I mentioned earlier, Judgment has been decreed already and cannot be averted. It’s already in the making but I believe there may be some political decisions that will be made that will be like the nails in the coffin. Although I have listed a number, there are so many more parameters and many of these can all happen together at the same time.

1. War In The Middle East With Israel To Push Israel To Accept 2-State Solution

This is not necessarily WW3. However, as prophesied Israel will sign a deal of peace with the AntiChrist (Dan 9:27) and will only discover his true nature about 3.5 years later. Now we know Prime Minister Netenyahu has said he will never allow Israel to be divided.


A Divided Israel

He completely rejects the 2-state solution  which will achieve that division planI will not be surprised if in order to get him to sign, Israel is attacked. Folks this is serious, USA is playing a major role here (the Judas Role) by allowing Iran the capabilities of doing just that. You can be sure that when this happens, all the countries who have approved the 2-state solution will be judged by God Himself. Here are the countries so far that have approved of Palestinian statehood.  Please note that since that vote, other countries who voted “No” have now backed it in their parliaments including Britain, France, Finland and even recently the Vatican (13th May 2015)etc.

See here the Rabbi Receives Heavenly Message in the Cave of Elijah the Prophet

There are also many wars right now and rumours of wars which could all be escalated of triggered at the same time. We know that Russian and Chinese troops are already training on US soil etc. However, the Middle East is where the action is so we keep an eye on it.


2. Extreme Weather/Cataclysm Event

I believe the one event that can truly cause everything to go bellyup will be a natural/weather cataclysm such an asteroid. An asteroid is a judgment on the nations by the direct hand of God. An asteroid will set off great earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, fires, pole shift and such like (Is 34:4). An asteroid, depending on the size may be capable of wiping off human life.

natural-disasters      However, I believe God is in control and He will prevent wholesale destruction because His Word about the Endtimes will have to come to pass. For those who don’t believe in God and prophecy, there’s no way to convince you that this catastrophe is possible. When it happens it may be too late for you.

In documents developed by Los Alamos atomic weapons centre in New Mexico, nuclear missiles are cited as our only defence against the growing threat of meteors and asteroids. (See films Armageddon & Deep Impact)

Everything I’ve put here is to help you along your own research. All said and done, I stick to my Bible.

See what the Bible & Modern Prophets are saying about Asteroids:

Is13:1-12, Is50:1-3, Eze 32:7

a) Eprain Rodriguez Asteroid Strike Prophecy (since 2010): , Watch Ephrain’s video here

I have listened to this man myself and I believe he’s not crazy. I also believe that the powers that be know of this and have known for a long time. If not then, why are they building bunkers to hide themselves? Why the rise in bunker building activities of the rich?

b) The Torah Codes( Bible codes)

Which has predicted all the major events related to Israel also predicts an asteroid shortly.

What the Main Stream Media (MSM) Papers are saying about asteroids:

See what

Dec 2014 – Russia is saying about an Asteroid In North Atlantic Ocean

Dec 4, 2014 – Asteroid warning – Earth Unprepared

Future Asteroid Impact Threat by Space.com

Recent Asteroid Hits

April 6, 2015 – Slovakia – Fireball Streaks The Skies

Sep 7 2014 Nicaragua – Meteor Hits Earth In NicaraguaRaw Footage of Nicaragua meteorite , Other Nicaraguan Meteor Video

First Asteroid Impact Jan 2014 In Atlantic Ocean

Feb 2013 Russia Chelyabinsk , Chelyabinsk Summary

Asteroid Near Misses:

NASA said it is aware of 1,552 “potentially hazardous” asteroids (PHAs) in outer space which show an orbit dangerously close to swiping Earth.

It is estimated that while 90 per cent of the kilometre plus sized asteroids have been discovered, only 30 per cent of the 140 metre-sized NEAs (Near-Earth Asteroids) have been found, with less than one per cent of the 30-metre sized NEAs having been detected.

Jan 27 2015 – Asteroid Size of Empire State Building Skims Past Earth

March 2015 – 1KM Asteroid Near Miss

Watch Films To Watch:

There were many warnings about 9/11 before it happened. Some in films. So are these films a heads-up? Judge for yourself. Consider yourself warned.

  1. Deep Impact(1998) – With Morgan Freeman as Black President…hmmmm
  2. Armaggedon (1998) – trying to break an asteroid?
  3. When Worlds Collide
  4. Post Impact
  5. Avengers 2012
  6. Avengers – Age of Ultron(May 2015) – Extinction Level Event said by Ultron. See minute: The Avengers movies also show what can happen with CERN when a portal is opened bringing in “The Undesirables”.

3. Financial Trigger

Greece is sitting on a power keg and can literally unravel Europe and the world sending it towards total collapse. 600wipeoutGreece refused the bailout terms and the possibility of leaving the Euro remains high. They recently paid (May 2015) of their IMF debt using emergency loan. This leaves it in dire straits, making it an explosive situation.

In addition to that, the stock markets across board are in all in a bubble , overpriced and ready to burst at the appropriate time. In fact, the indices are eerily similar to the time before the 2008 crash

In spite of the positive job indices in America, for instance, the true number of jobless is hitting 100million. People don’t have enough money for day-to-day living let alone savings.

Most if not all countries have borrowed to the hilt. And the borrowing is spiraling seemingly out of control. Now using cash is being criminalized. Withdrawing $5,000 (over 1,000 Euros in France) in cash can now land you in a dire situation where you find yourself being questioned by police.

If you don’t touch it you don’t own it. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. The bank can give you as many promissory notes as you like. When it’s time for you to withdraw, they can tell you they don’t have it there’s nothing you can do.


CERN with the LHC- Large Hadron Collider , located between France and Switzerland. CERN are the inventors of the internet. Please notice the 666 encoded in their logo.

cern-logoBut it’s the LHC I want to talk about. As at the point of writing, the restarting of the CERN has been accomplished after an earlier postponement.  These atheists hate God so much, they are willing to endanger the lives of all humans to reach their goal. In short, CERN is trying to breach the material world and open a portal or gateway through their so-called “god-particle big-bang” research.

They MAY open spiritual doors or portals they cannot close. In fact, some of their own atheist scientists are worried  about the effect of doubling the power. Folks this is serious, so serious they shut it down in 2012 and according to internet sources, because they started seeing inter-dimensional beings. Of course, this is all “conspiracy theories” to some people until the rubicon is crossed.

Nevertheless, I believe, no matter what the transpires, Jesus Christ is in control and He will make sure His Word will be the only thing that stands! Halellujuah!

There could be other possible triggers. I am learning all the time, will keep you updated

Click here to See CERNs Dance Of Death here

5. EMP Attack / Solar Flare

EMP according to Wikipedia stand for electromagnetic pulse (EMP), also sometimes called a transient electromagnetic disturbance, is a short burst of electromagnetic energy. Such a pulse may occur in the form of a radiated, electric or magnetic field or conducted electric current depending on the source, and may be natural or man-made.

EMP interference is generally disruptive or damaging to electronic equipment, and at higher energy levels a powerful EMP event such as a lightning strike can damage physical objects such as buildings and aircraft structures.

There is Non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NNEMP) is a weapon-generated electromagnetic pulse without use of nuclear technology however the one to worry about is Nuclear electromagnetic pulse. NEMP is the abrupt pulse of electromagnetic radiation resulting from a nuclear explosion. The resulting rapidly changing electric fields and magnetic fields may couple with electrical/electronic systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges.

In military terminology, a nuclear warhead detonated hundreds of kilometres above the Earth’s surface is known as a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) device. Typically the HEMP device produces the EMP as its primary damage mechanism. In military terminology, a nuclear warhead detonated hundreds of kilometres above the Earth’s surface is known as a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) device. Typically the HEMP device produces the EMP as its primary damage mechanism. The nuclear device does this by producing gamma rays, which in turn are converted into EMP in the mid-stratosphere over a wide area within line of sight to the detonation.

NEMP weapons are designed to maximize such effects, especially on electronic systems, and are capable of destroying susceptible electronic equipment over a wide area. See fiction.

Solar Storms/Flares

Natural EMP. Much like a man-made electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon, the solar energetic particles strike the Earth with such force that it ionizes the atmosphere, creating a vast cloud of energetic electrons that bounce around inside the atmosphere destroying electronics and fusing conductive wires everywhere. It would probably take out a few satellites in Earth orbit, too.

Sample occurences or misses:

Massive Solar Flare narrowly misses earth – EMP disaster avoided

July 23, 2012 – The solar storm of 2012 that almost sent us back to a post-apocalyptic Stone Age

Worst Solar Storms History

 2006: X-Ray Sun Flare for Xmas When a major X-class solar flare erupted on the sun on Dec. 5, 2006, it registered a powerful X9 on the space weather scale. Space.com ranked a solar storm in December 2006 as the worst, and U.S. government officials reported that the event disrupted satellite communications and GPS signals for about 10 minutes and damaged the satellite that took the picture of the storm.

2003: The Ultra-Powerful Halloween Sun Storm – On Oct. 28, 2003, the sun unleashed a whopper of a solar flare. The intense sun storm was so strong it overwhelmed the spacecraft sensor measuring it. The sensor topped out at X28, already a massive flare), but later analysis found that the flare reached a peak strength of about X45, NASA has said.

The solar storm was part of a string of at least nine major flares over a two-week period.

2000: The Bastille Day Event The Bastille Day event takes its name from the French national holiday since it occurred the same day on July 14, 2000. This was a major solar eruption that registered an X5 on the scale of solar flares. The Bastille Day event caused some satellites to short-circuit and led to some radio blackouts. It remains one of the most highly observed solar storm events and was the most powerful flare since 1989.

1972: Solar Flare vs. AT&T The major solar flare that erupted on Aug. 4, 1972 knocked out long-distance phone communication across some states, including Illinois, according to a NASA account.

Quebec 1989  A solar flare in 1989 caused a blackout in Quebec that lasted more than nine hours, and systems as far away as New Jersey were also damaged. In 2013, Space.com ranked the solar storm that caused the blackout as the fourth worst in history.

1859 The Carrington Effect August 28 through September 2, 1859

NASA: Dangerous sunspot aligning with Earth

 Massive solar flare narrowly misses Earth, EMP disaster barely avoided

Experts: Civilians not ready for EMP-caused blackout


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