What Will Likely Happen During The Event?

Here are some of the things that are likely to happen during the Event. Remember, these scenarios may happen either concurrently or in a short space of time one after the other or one leading to the other.

1.    Extreme Weather Events

Natural-Disasters1I believe Extreme weather will play a part in this event. May politicians have been warning us of sudden Climate chaos although most people are not listening.  I am not surprised. We have been lied to so much that it’s difficult to pick out the truth anymore. Among extreme weather events, however, an asteroid or pole shift caused by a massive earthquake (see What Could Trigger The Event Article) and see this Mophie’s All Powerless Advert hereRev 8:1-13) will be the biggest game changer. It will in itself trigger other Extreme weather events such as hurricanes of the Katrina  proportions, 12.0 earthquakes, tsunamis, acid rain, shock waves, pestilence etc.

Most airlines worldwide will be grounded – where you find yourself when this happens you will likely remain there for a while if you are alive. We just have to look to the recent Nepal, Haiti, Sitchuan, Fukishima earthquakes to see the aftermath of such events and prepare as much as we can.

2.    Financial Reset

Complete economic collapse – MOST banks will shut shop both online, ATMS, offices etc. Currencies will just be   ecocollapse2 useless including the US dollar which is already on life support. If you haven’t prepared, got no food or water, you will be in for a rough time.  Although, some people are touting gold, I believe gold will be useless in the immediate aftermath.

We will be back to basics. Battering will likely be the order of the day. Imagine, you are desperate for water, someone has it but you have rice for instance. So in order to assuage your thirst, you will have to give up some or all of your rice. It comes down to what you need the most verses what the other person needs the most and whether you can meet their need.

Friends, this is serious! This will affect the whole world, some places more than others. If you think this can’t happen in America, UK, the West think again. The “false security” in the West is what I believe will make people’s situation far worse. Most are not prepared.  See How Venezuela Is  Coping With This Scenario (5, June 2015). As for Africa, we live on the edge already…

Ask yourself, is your country borrowed to the hilt? Are things spiraling downwards without anyone in leadership seeming able to stop it?

When big banks collapse, they don’t do it overnight. But we often learn about it in a single moment. Just remember Lehman Brothers. Their problems developed over an extended period of time, but we only learned the full extent of their difficulties on one very disturbing day in 2008, and that day changed the world.

New York Times – IMF Needs A Reset

Click here to see what Christina Lagarde said about IMF “Reset” in 2014

7 Steps To Global Economic Reset AKA Collapse

3.    Communications Collapse

Telecomms will ground to a halt. No communications for a while. Imagine: no internet, no mobile phone, no radio, no television, no ipad  etc. If the Event is triggered by asteroid, chances are there will the EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) which will disable most electronics including those is cars.

In addition, there may be no air travel for a while so people will be stuck where they are. Pray you will be with your family at this traumatic time.

4.    Social Unrest & Martial Law

Rioting, Looting and general chaos will ensue – for reminder google what happened during Katrina, Haiti, Phillippines(Tacloban) and others.  In other to quell the massive unrest, martial law will have to declared in most lootingcountries including America.

Imagine overnight, the USD Dollar is useless. Imagine, for those who don’t carry cash, your cash cards are useless because all bank machines are down. You have no food, no water, you have children who are beginning to cry. Chances are you were warned via this blog or some other source but you believed all these are “conspiracy theories so you didn’t bother to prepare; you have  only enough food for 2 days but now the supermarket is cleaned out. What will you do? Most likely you will go out to get food anyhow: stealing AKA looting from shop or from a neighbour, even though you’re a “good Christian” and taught not to steal. Now this is where you are lucky and you still have a house should it be a weather trigger.

In a situation like this Martial Law works: everyone stay at home, obey orders or you will be shot. Forced detentions will be the order of the day in most countries including America with people placed into the “appropriate” internment camps. Many families will be separated just like during WW2 when Jewish children were separated from their parents. Think how traumatic that would be. That’s why in America, FEMA has circa 28,000 “pastors” under their belt to “counsel” people to do what the government “asks” in helping with this transition. They used these guys during Katrina. Don’t believe me? Click here to see the document and the video on FEMA’s Clergy Response Teams. Is your Pastor lying to you?

Operation JADE HELM 15 is coming to Southwestern United States this summer and possibly may cover all states starting from July to September.  Ask yourself: What for? Perhaps Martial Law has already started in America. This first time in history that soldiers/troops are operating in towns and cities where the civilian population are. There is already an increasing military presence in some states as of March 2015. People are being brainwashed to accept soldiers/military on the streets. Never heard of before in America! Do you live in America? WATCH,  PRAY & LISTEN to what the HOLY SPIRIT  is telling YOU.

America usually moves in troops 2 or 3 months before an event. (Which Event? An Asteroid maybe?) Same as they did in Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other countries they’ve caused so much havoc in. Please understand: Main Stream Media(MSM) will tell you something different that will tickle your ears and make you feel everything is alright. See this article for America’s new definition of a terrorist. A Christian is now a terrorist too.
Official Presentation To Big Spring Texas Council esp mark 2 and 30minute mark. They seek your invitation – written permission to conduct Realistic Military Training (RMT) in your jurisdiction. Talk about inviting a vampire to dinner! Here they are with your permission: Note from minutes 3:10-3:27 “to allow us to train our soldiers for the next fight that we could that they could encounter. We are not training for Afghanistan and Iraq, the things that we have done in the last fifteen years. We are looking forward, and we want to make sure that these guys are trained properly. This is where we need the help of the local communities.” Tom Mead “Train as you fight and fight as you train.”
The Government owns tons of land and why do they want to go into Civilian areas to practice?? People are beginning to wake up and they are protesting, some have already refused invitations.

Job Opportunities for upcoming mass casualty drills in Ohio for the month of June. Need a p/t job? You can check out the role player opportunities here. Why are they so busy preparing for disasters and mass casualties in America or is this just preparation for the next huge false flag event? Do they know something that we don’t know? Interestingly enough, the job opportunity begins on May 19th, 2015 and runs for UP TO 5 YEARS!

Military helicopters In Texas For Mass Civil Unrest Drill

See here for more on Jade HelmYou still think this is “conspiracy theory?”

5.    Murders & Assassinations – Bloodbath

Never seen before on this planet. Extreme supernatural manifestations – very demonic ones too. People will manifest what’s inside them like never before. Programmed law enforcement will try to eliminate their targets. Many people will die – I am talking millions.

This will be judgment from God on all nations of the earth (Lk 21: 35).  Luciferians, on the other hand will see this as a necessary satanic “blood sacrifice” on which NWO will be finally built. They are already raising an army of supersoldiers or human hybrids for this very purpose. This is when they will try to eliminate all resistors especially Christians.

But it will not work entirely. God is in control.

6.    Global Pandemic

Ebola is here already. And having already killed more than 10,000 people, there are already warnings of worse than Ebola could show it’s head. David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain has given such a warning recently at the G7 Summit June 7, 2015.

Recently (April 2015) a strange illness killed 28 people in Nigeria within 24 hours. It was later blamed on methanol poisoning from herbicides.  There’s the MERS virus in South Korea as at the time of publishing this article June 2015.

Bible prophecy in Rev 6 reveals a huge part of the world population will die of “therion” AKA little beasts” more like deadly viruses or bacteria when the Pale Horse and its rider is released. Need I say more?

7.    Endtime Harvest

This is  the MOST important and my favourite part! There will be an unprecedented harvest for the kingdom soul-harvestof God. Praise God! Jesus said that the Gospel will be preached to the ends of the earth before the The Day of the Lord will come. (Mt 24:14) He doesn’t mince His Words. Billions not just millions of the dithering double-minded people left alive after the Event will repent and give their lives to Jesus. And who will be preaching the Gospel to them but Christians? No “secret rapture” at this point. It’s all hands on deck. Are you prepared? Are you ready?

Of course, others will interpret it in their own way and some godless scientists will even attempt to brush it aside. Make no mistake, Yesu Christo will walk upon the earth Himself and masses will be convicted and come to Him. There will be no more church as usual. This Event will act as a purging of the Church to make her ready. Based on Rev 2, 3 especially 3:10 only about a 7th of the current “church” will be protected in order for them to evangelize.

If you are already a believer and you find yourself alive, just remember, it is so that you can share Christ. The Body/Bride of Christ will be infused with His power like never before: this will be as Joel prophesied in Joel 2:28-32. Christian will literally shine as prophesied in Isaiah 60:1-2.

This will be the best of times and the worst of times. That’s why we must be prepared!

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