It’s getting late and its getting serious! Do you feel something is about to happen but you cannot put your finger on it? Join the club! You are welcome to the most important section of my blog. This section catalogues what I  believe will happen shortly based on Bible prophecy (which is being fulfilled right before our eyes) and the reality on the ground. Click Here To See Table Of Contents Below .

I am aware some of us prefer to bury our heads in the sand and carry on their living “normal” lives. Doing so doesn’t stop the danger, it just means the impact is unfortunately more severe because of lack of preparation. See no evil, hear no evil doesn’t stop evil from happening.

I pray that what I have written here (and will keep updating) will be a WAKE UP call to all who read. And although, I don’t pretend to know everything nor to be 100% right, this is about saving lives (eternally) by telling & exposing the truth. As so many prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled to the tee, it follows that the rest will also be fulfilled accordingly.

Biblical Prophecies supercedes all the collective intelligence agencies in the world be it CIA, NSA, MOSSAD or FBI. Biblical prophecies is the Holy Spirit Himself revealing the future. You can depend on it 100%!

Once again, the main aim of Biblical end-time prophecies are about saving lives, not to cause ungodly fear which leads to death but rather the fear of God which is the beginning of Wisdom and leads to repentance and after that life eternal.

If you are going top speed and there’s a dangerous bend around the corner, I am sure you will appreciate a signboard warning you before you encounter the bend. What I discuss here is much like a signboard warning of impending danger. You decide what you do with it.

Using the Bible, God has been warning for many thousands of years that He has set a Day ( The Day Of The Lord) in which He will judge the world including spirit beings. Even the demons know this and they tremble. No wonder, they asked Jesus “Have You come to judge us before our time?” None of us know the exact Day nor the hour. However, we know the season. In addition, He has given us many prophecies about the signs that will happen BEFORE this final DAY. This EVENT I discuss here is a major happening BEFORE the DAY of the Lord.

If you are a Christian, please prayerfully read and take this to the Lord in prayer. If you are not a Christian, please read regardless and I urge you to give your life to Jesus Christ, the One and Only Lord (Click Here To See How To Become A Christian).

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