How Wilkinson Road Looks Now

The ongoing roadworks on Wilkinson Road in Freetown as well as the Lumley area is fast improving and I must say, I like the way CSE especially is undertaking the project. There’s no doubt they are doing quality work with some major overhauling and complete digging and resurfacing of the road. There’re no more roundabouts […]

Very Excited……See Why!

The road is being tarred! 😆 Yes, after months of dust finally, this is a welcome sight! I went out today through Congo Cross and to my delight one side of the road from the Congo bridge had a stretch of black stuff plus later on, I saw the workmen laying down the concrete to […]

Wilkinson Road Being Rebuilt!

Plenty of excitement in the air as all over the country in Sierra Leone, new roads are being constructed and old ones rebuilt and widened. It’s been about a month now since the tractors made appearance on Wilkinson Road – one or the 2 main arteries from the West of Freetown into town centre. The […]