More Good News – Fibre Optics Landing In Freetown Today!

Wahoo! I’m so excited about this particular event! It’s been long in coming and boy! we’ve been thirsting for it! Anything for increased internet speed is welcome in all quarters! The formal commissioning of the fibre optic landing commissioning was held today at the submarine ACE landing station in Lumley. This will put in place […]

Slow Internet Is Such An Embarrassment

Talk about embarrassment ! I experienced some today quite frankly I had the “blushes” over an issue I can’t control – internet speed in Sierra Leone I  was in a 3-way conference call with a client and an webhost and I needed to access the site of the webhost to fix something. Folks, it took […]

NATCOM Sierra Leone Celebrates 2 Years

For those of you who don’t know NATCOM, well they regulate the Telecomms Industry in Sierra Leone i.e. they ensure that mobile phone companies like Zain, Africell and Commium are kept in check. /tge also oversee, radio Recently they fined Zain for breaches in contract or raising prices without notifying consumers. For me, it was […]