DeliverED From The Fear Of Death

Death where is your sting? Grave, where is your victory? In these last days, the fear especially fear of death
is becoming more pervasive. Just flick on the news and sometimes just hearing the headlines may leave make you heart sink with fear. With many evident harbingers of what is to come….

Five Years On….How Are We Doing In Sierra Leone?

I’ve been all excited today since it’s been exactly “5ive” years today since we landed in Sierra Leone for good!. I remember how sultry the weather felt compared to the cold we had just left in England. There was dust everywhere and excitement in the air for us! We had 14 pieces of luggage with […]

Rip-Off Sierra Leone

Oh yes! I see red today! Why? Well I’ll tell you what happened to me  this week on Monday which has left me simmering… I went to buy groceries in”x” (won’t mention names today) supermarket on Monday. Among many things, I bought I saw and bought canned ham ( I know – not the best […]

Trip To Number 2 River/Beach In Sierra Leone

We undertook our Easter trip on Sat instead on the traditional Easter Monday so as avoid traffic and crowds. We went to the No2 River/Beach in Sussex 🙂 , Sierra Leone and boy once again, it was worth it! Granted I still think so far Bureh Beach has my first vote but No2 had some […]

My Sierra Leone Life – Memoirs Of A Returnee

Hey, I’m so happy that AT LAST! I’m able to launch this blog about my life in Sierra Leone. This is a vision I’ve had since January 2008 but due to many factors have not been able to start it but today I woke up and thought, it’s time to put it together 🙂  now […]