Five Years On….How Are We Doing In Sierra Leone?

I’ve been all excited today since it’s been exactly “5ive” years today since we landed in Sierra Leone for good!. I remember how sultry the weather felt compared to the cold we had just left in England. There was dust everywhere and excitement in the air for us! We had 14 pieces of luggage with […]

Current Electricity Situation In Freetown – Nov 2011

I promised I’ll making these updates. Well currently, “Salone swit” We are enjoying light on most days (90% of the time). Compared to when we came in 2008, well things have superbly improved in this area. So to those that are coming this December you are in for a real treat. 😆 Yesterday we drove […]

Potable Water In Port Loko, Sierra Leone

Progress is happening all over although I must say the rains have slowed things down, even the completion of Wilkinson Road has been halted. With the advent of September, hopefully the rain will dissipate and I hope to bring you more good news :lol:  of the development happening all over. For this story, the water […]

The #1 Problem Facing Businesses In Sierra Leone

Got a business in Sierra Leone? If so you may have encountered this problem at one time or the other. I went to a women empowerment meeting sometime ago – organised by Afford SL, UNICEF and the Cheri Blair Foundation – and the aim of the meeting was to discover the main obstacles facing business […]

First Juice Manufacturing Company In Sierra Leone Launched

This happened sometime in May but it is still good news to share even now… – good things are happening in Sierra Leone… the early bird catches the worm…. simple but true.  Read on… Here’s The Article: The first juice manufacturing company in Sierra Leone was Thursday commissioned at the Newton community by President Ernest […]

Very Excited……See Why!

The road is being tarred! 😆 Yes, after months of dust finally, this is a welcome sight! I went out today through Congo Cross and to my delight one side of the road from the Congo bridge had a stretch of black stuff plus later on, I saw the workmen laying down the concrete to […]

Celebrating 3 Years In Sierra Leone….

Approximately 3 years ago, yesterday, we arrived to live in Freetown on a permanent basis! 😆 WooowwwW! Sooo..oo much has happened since then, I’ve learnt a lot and overall, I’m VERY happy we came. We are all happy including the children and we look forward to a brighter future and a better Sierra Leone. When […]