Wilkinson Road Being Rebuilt!

Plenty of excitement in the air as all over the country in Sierra Leone, new roads are being constructed and old ones rebuilt and widened. It’s been about a month now since the tractors made appearance on Wilkinson Road – one or the 2 main arteries from the West of Freetown into town centre. The […]

Current State Of The Peninsular Road

As you know (unless you hiding under a rock) the peninsular road is being rebuilt and when we used it last Sunday, we could see more progress such as nearly completed bridges (one can count over 20 bridges from Lumley to No."2!). Work was started around April, but the debilitating rains forced a pause.  Here […]

Progress In Salone Roads Rehabilitation

On our way to Lakka beach 2 weeks ago, I noticed big improvement in the Penninsular Road. (I’ve got some picture to prove.) And that’s not the only one, a number of main roads are being fixed or have been fixed. For instance, I’m told the road to Bo is now pristine and the road […]