3 Reasons To Clean Up Freetown

In terms of sanitation things are better than a few years ago but there’s still a mighty long way to go. Several years ago, rubbish collection was more or less non-existent and I remember when there was a big pile of rubbish at Lumley roundabout and the taxi I was using got stuck there with […]

Internet In Sierra Leone

Ok, I thought I should post this so you know the current Internet prices PLUS service offered here in Freetown. This section is close to my heart – after all, I use the internet service to update this blog. Internet access is so expensive here, it’s a joke! Especially, when you consider how *crappy* (Excuse […]

A Picnic At Leicester Peak…

Now, talk about a trip to well…not quite heaven but something awesome! My hubby came up with the suggestion (he’s a romantic at heart 🙂 ) to picnic at the top of Freetown’s highest peak. So we loaded up our goodies and headed for Leicester Peak. The children were truly excited and couldn’t keep calm. […]

What Can I Do For Sierra Leone?

Today, I woke up and thought I should write this post just to give people (especially Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora) an idea as to what they can do to contribute to the development of our beloved Sierra Leone! By all means, there may be better suggestions. If you have one, feel free to leave […]