Celebrating 3 Years In Sierra Leone….

Approximately 3 years ago, yesterday, we arrived to live in Freetown on a permanent basis! 😆 WooowwwW! Sooo..oo much has happened since then, I’ve learnt a lot and overall, I’m VERY happy we came. We are all happy including the children and we look forward to a brighter future and a better Sierra Leone. When […]

3 Reasons To Clean Up Freetown

In terms of sanitation things are better than a few years ago but there’s still a mighty long way to go. Several years ago, rubbish collection was more or less non-existent and I remember when there was a big pile of rubbish at Lumley roundabout and the taxi I was using got stuck there with […]

Sierra Leone At 50 Launches @ Country Lodge

As you know Sierra Leone will be celebrating 50 years of Independence on 27th April 2011. An independent committee has been created to oversee all the activities and it launched the full agenda for the 50th year including events planned for next year on Friday 6th August. The logo was also unveiled by His Excellency […]

Sample List Of Things To Buy When Coming Long-Term

Got a few people asking so here we go. This list is by no means comprehensive or mandatory as everything depends on your personal taste, likes and dislikes. Also, by all means do suggest some more by leaving a comment. This list here comprises of things you’ll save SERIOUS money on if you buy them […]