Celebrating 3 Years In Sierra Leone….

Approximately 3 years ago, yesterday, we arrived to live in Freetown on a permanent basis! 😆 WooowwwW! Sooo..oo much has happened since then, I’ve learnt a lot and overall, I’m VERY happy we came. We are all happy including the children and we look forward to a brighter future and a better Sierra Leone. When […]

Can You Live On $1400 A Month In Sierra Leone?

This is a question posed by one of my visitors and to answer “YES” directly will be difficult as we all have different tastes and needs as well as creature comforts which we may see as a necessity. To give some perspective – $1400 a month is much more than what 90% of the population […]

HEARTBREAK for Ghana….

The morning after! I couldn’t even sleep properly.. all I could see was the lost penalty goal that lead to further penalty lossess!!! Twist and turn, twist and turn, had we done this, had we done that… hindsight is always illuminating. A loss is a loss and we lost! 4 years is a loooooooonnnngggg time! […]

Ghana! Ghana Has Made Me Proud!

What can I say but that I had tears in my eyes…. Ghana wins against USA yesterday was so amazing! I expected them to win and when it happened, it brought tears to my eyes!!! LONG LIVE GHANA!!!!!!. We watched all of this in Makeni, Sierra Leone. We came for the weekend and watching it […]

Sierra Leonean’s Coming Back…How About You?

It’s been a while since I posted mainly because I’ve been so busy! Anyway, yesterday was double celebration for me – firstly, we welcomed a friend who’s come to stay for good and secondly because Ghana won against Serbia! It felt really good. In addition, to these 2 pieces of good news, I’m aware of […]

The Prodigal Sons Of Africa?

Just came across this and has set me thinking all day….about our African brothers and sisters suffering abroad.. African Immigrants Revolt in Italy (go here to read the full story) “This event pulled the lid off something that we who work in the sector know well but no one talks about: That many Italian economic […]

What Can I Do For Sierra Leone?

Today, I woke up and thought I should write this post just to give people (especially Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora) an idea as to what they can do to contribute to the development of our beloved Sierra Leone! By all means, there may be better suggestions. If you have one, feel free to leave […]

My Sierra Leone Life – Memoirs Of A Returnee

Hey, I’m so happy that AT LAST! I’m able to launch this blog about my life in Sierra Leone. This is a vision I’ve had since January 2008 but due to many factors have not been able to start it but today I woke up and thought, it’s time to put it together 🙂  now […]