HEARTBREAK for Ghana….

The morning after! I couldn’t even sleep properly.. all I could see was the lost penalty goal that lead to further penalty lossess!!! Twist and turn, twist and turn, had we done this, had we done that… hindsight is always illuminating. A loss is a loss and we lost! 4 years is a loooooooonnnngggg time! […]

Ghana! Ghana Has Made Me Proud!

What can I say but that I had tears in my eyes…. Ghana wins against USA yesterday was so amazing! I expected them to win and when it happened, it brought tears to my eyes!!! LONG LIVE GHANA!!!!!!. We watched all of this in Makeni, Sierra Leone. We came for the weekend and watching it […]

The Prodigal Sons Of Africa?

Just came across this and has set me thinking all day….about our African brothers and sisters suffering abroad.. African Immigrants Revolt in Italy (go here to read the full story) “This event pulled the lid off something that we who work in the sector know well but no one talks about: That many Italian economic […]