Passing Time At Borbor Beach

Yesterday, the whole family spent a day at Borbor beach (near No.2 at a friends villa by the sea! Food was sumptuous and the views magical. Ahh Salone Swit! By the way, if you wish to rent this villa for a weekend away for you or your friends or family just contact me using the […]

Sumptuous Lobster Lunch At Lakka Beach

Hmmm…. you should have seen me this weekend…we had a the perfect weather for the beach so that’s where we headed and fortunately too, the fishermen had just brought in fresh BIG FAT lobsters! Well didn’t waste any time to dig into it. Hmmm…mmm Swit Salone!  Sweet Indeed! Here are pictures to make your  you […]

Why Does Lumley Beach Have To Be So Dirty?

A million dollars for the right answer!! Quite frankly, I’m fed up with the dirty and grime on this beautiful beach. I mean where can you find a long pristine beach like that? What comes to mind immediately is Miami Beach but boy what a contrast?? After a long while due to rain and general […]

A Tale Of Two African Cities

We just visited The Gambia for a holiday break and boy, did we need the time-out! I thought I will share a bit of of our travelling as well as general experiences on either side. For the benefit of those who are not familiar with Freetown, Sierra Leone, due to the mountainous topography, the main […]

A Picnic At Leicester Peak…

Now, talk about a trip to well…not quite heaven but something awesome! My hubby came up with the suggestion (he’s a romantic at heart 🙂 ) to picnic at the top of Freetown’s highest peak. So we loaded up our goodies and headed for Leicester Peak. The children were truly excited and couldn’t keep calm. […]

Trip To Number 2 River/Beach In Sierra Leone

We undertook our Easter trip on Sat instead on the traditional Easter Monday so as avoid traffic and crowds. We went to the No2 River/Beach in Sussex 🙂 , Sierra Leone and boy once again, it was worth it! Granted I still think so far Bureh Beach has my first vote but No2 had some […]