A Time To Pause….

Today, despite it being rainy, I took the opportunity when the sunny spells came out to relax for few minutes on the beach and just stare into the sky…wow I watched the clouds moving across Lumley towards Juba Hills, I guessed there would be rain there soon. The sheer luxury of abandoning everything for a […]

Watching Chelsea Win On The Beach

Fantastic day yesterday, we all went to Lumley Beach to watch football where a giant screen has been placed at Alafia point. Literally we sat on the beach and watched the proceedings with perhaps about 200 or so people. Much to my frustration, the first half produced nothing and then well towards the end of […]

Passing Time At Borbor Beach

Yesterday, the whole family spent a day at Borbor beach (near No.2 at a friends villa by the sea! Food was sumptuous and the views magical. Ahh Salone Swit! By the way, if you wish to rent this villa for a weekend away for you or your friends or family just contact me using the […]

Sierra Leone Up In The Peaceful Index

It’s official Sierra Leone is moving up in the world index of peaceful countries. Sierra Leone is No. 53rd out of 149 countries. New Zealand tops the list as the most peaceful countries. In Africa only 7 countries are more peaceful than Sierra Leone! And they are(in order of most peaceful): Botswana, Tunisia, Mozambique,Ghana, Egypt, […]

Painting Freetown Red On Valentine’s Day!

Everywhere where you look , you see red in Freetown today! There’s something about celebrating Valentine’s Day in Freetown that makes it interesting. People acutally go out of their way to wear red – red top, red band, red ribbon, red flower bands etc… somehow I never noticed it last year. This year however, after […]

Everyday Mode Of Transport In Freetown

So how do we move about here in Sierra Leone? Bear in mind that the terrain here is mountainous. This is just to enlighten you just in case you’re coming for good and want to buy a car. I’ll talk about private car first: The best mode of transport here is a 4×4 😉 simply […]

My Taxi Ride Hell In Freetown Salone!

Have you ever taken a taxi in Sierra Leone? If so then you’ll probably understand this incident that happened to me about two weeks ago, Nov 19th to be precise. We had taken the car to the garage and as usual, it was there for 4 days and it came back much worse than it […]

Grand Re-opening of Lagoonda!

Yep! Lagoonda re-opened last weekend amidst a lot of glitz and aplomb! I had to be there to see for myself:D I had heard so much of it but had never been there as it’s been closed since we’ve been here. I must say, everything was well laid-out and the cocktail was delicious with plenty […]