No Water, No Light In 21st Century Sierra Leone

It pains me to write this especially after a long pause in which I have been so busy to blog! But really and truly I have been waiting for too LOoooooonnnnng a time hoping that this situation will be fixed that really I have given up. Sad though because I believed myself to be a […]

Current Electricity Situation In Freetown – Nov 2011

I promised I’ll making these updates. Well currently, “Salone swit” We are enjoying light on most days (90% of the time). Compared to when we came in 2008, well things have superbly improved in this area. So to those that are coming this December you are in for a real treat. 😆 Yesterday we drove […]

Bumbuna Operational? Where’s The Light?

Hello again, I’ve been busy and mad! Mad with the lack of light that’s plaguing Freetown again. I remember last year this time when – we Freetownians – were all basking in the new found Bumbuna light and praising the government for doing the unprecedented. Children danced in the street – “Light don come” or […]

Electricity Situation December 2010

This year has been a year of MUCH, much better light here in Freetown. Now put together we’ve had light on about 300 days  so far even before the year completes. For some it  has been better others worse depends on where you live. Most of the problem with light has happened towards the end […]

Very Good Electricity Situation – August 2010!

Well, it’s been a while but I’ve been super busy! Anyway this is just a quick update. Salone na swit! The electricity – I don’t know if it’s Bumbuna has been CONStannntttt 😆 since June. May was terrible but since then it’s been great 24 hours non-stop more or less. The few times we suffer […]

Bumbuna Update – Current Light Situation – May 2010

Well, what I can I say… back to square one – noisy generators, no light during the day and so on! I keep hearing excuses – fixing technical problem, waiting for the rains etc. In April, we had light almost throughout starting from Good Friday only for it to off on the 29th April, 2 […]

Bumbuna Down For A Week…

Back to the darkness we’ve not experienced for sometime. Not impressed 😡 but at least they gave notice. Wonder how often this will be. When one gets used to electricity, it’s hard to go back to the pitch blackness that pervades when it’s absent. Now getting used to noisy generators, candles, torches… etc all over […]

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year…

To all my readers I wish you all bucket loads of joy and happiness in the coming year. Yes judging by the date, I should have posted this yesterday or before but man…I’m so busy! But to do so I’ll have to drag myself from sampling the delights of the beach. (Of course sorry to […]