Year 2015: Year Of Living Holy

What a blessing to be alive at this time. May 2015 be a glorious year for you! May it be a year you get closer to Jesus or get to know Him if you don’t already! What an amazing Saviour & Lord! Year 2014 was a year like no other, we have lived (some countries more affected than others) & continue to live through Ebola (thankfully the numbers are coming down),ISIS, Boko Haram…

Merry CHRISTmas: Jesus Is The Reason For The Season!

Merry Christmas to you and yours! It’s great to celebrate God’s ultimate gift to mankind: Jesus Christ! Although we all know Jesus was not really born on the 25th, it’s a great to have a day like this to celebrate such Redeeming Love! Praise the Lord Jehovah for all His mercies! For sending us Jesus and for leaving His Spirit until the end which is coming soon! We worship You Jesus The Messiah and thank You for saving me!

Why Are The Numbers Still Rising?

The whole world is represented somehow in #SierraLeone to help, but the #ebola case numbers are still rising. In the midst of such a devastating crisis, people are still stealing, rampant bribery in order to bury normally or opt out of quarantine, assorted types corruption in the name of #ebola. In a crisis time like this people are only thinking of themselves? Is over 2000 dead(likely under-reported), Kingtom cemetry full not crisis enough?

50 Ways To Know Your Pastor Is A Fraud

Deception is bad but when it occurs in a “church” it’s the limit. With the rise of so many self-appointed false prophets/bishops making merchandise of the flock it’s time to post something here that will encourage anyone caught in a false church or fellowship to leave. Remember, the blind leader doesn’t fall into the ditch alone, they take their congregation with them.

EBOLA: Why We Need To Repent

It’s been so long since I blogged, for many good reasons which I am unable to explain today. However, in a time pestilence and great havoc in Sierra Leone (and her neighbours) I can only bring what’s on my heart. At first I thought I would bring daily updates but then others seem to be doing it better than I would (check here and here – I often doubt if these figures reflect the true situation. ).

Acknowledgement Is The Beginning Of A Solution

Transparency International recently released some data which is very embarassing to Sierra Leone. Check here to see this depressing data and My take is, we have to stand up and acknowledge that these things are happening so that we can do something about it. Isn’t that what is said in therapy, acknowledge the […]

The Many Faces Of Corruption In Sierra Leone

As I write this, I silently mourn for Sierra Leone. I have never been a country where people in all walks of life actively fight against progress for all. This year has been heralded with the revealing of woeful state of the Public Accounts of various ministries and other government bodies who were audited by […]